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Youtube selection

3th of october 2013

We are no longer posting our newest videos on the site. But now we have the MASTERMILO YOUTUBE SELECTION. More info about this here.

Why don't you post new videos on the site anymore?

One simple reason. It's too much work, for so little. It's a lot of work making Youtube videos everyweek. Shooting, editing, subtitling, adding annotations and finaly realeasing them on three different locations (Youtube, Facebook and this site). So we dicided to only use the site as background info about Mastermilo and the Sas-team.

Mastermilo Youtube selection:

The new section in our tab on the left, is called: "Mastermilo Youtube selection". There we have a selection of mastermilo videos. They are selected by the Mastermilo crew because we think that they are fun to watch.

There are videos in almost all the different Mastermilo catagories:

- Creations in action

- Building creations

- Stunts

- Car tests

- Actions

- Offroading

- Visitor car

- Highlight videos

- Music