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Highlight video's

03 July 2013

We're releasing shortened versions of older video's.

More info here!

What are highlight videos?

As you can see in the video explaining, highlight videos are videos that are only 20 to 30 seconds long, they only show the most important part of a project or activity.

Why highlight videos?

We try to make our videos as fun as we can. And sometimes this means that the videos can become a bit long, because we don't want you cut out any fun parts. But for new vieuwers, that havn't been following Mastermilo, this can become boring. They might want to skip to the action. That's one of the reasons we are now making highlight videos. 

The other is that you can share highlight videos easy with your friends. You don't have to skip through the video to show them "that awesome thing you saw yesterday". Now you can just show them the highlight. 

So don't forget to like and share our highlight videos!