FAQ's - Master Milo


What is the name of the song you use in your video's?

-Johnny marching home RMX - Joost van Eijk.( right click here and "Save Target As")

-Fanatic Drive - Joost van Eijk (right click here to download it)

Where do you live?

The south of the Netherlands, near Tilburg and the Belgian border.

Can we visit you?

Yes, as long as we know you're coming it's no problem, just send us a PM (Personal Message) on Youtube. But it's not everytime as much spectacle as in the videos. Sometimes even we have a dull day.

Do you do group activities like bachelor parties or bithdays?

No sorry but we can't do these. We have work enough on our hands with youtube. We hope you'll find another fun group activity.

Where do you get all the cars from?

Most of the cars we use in our video's are donated by Youtubers and friends that like to see them destroyed.

Why don't you sell these cars or carparts? What you destroy is worth money.

First we can't sell cars that have been donated to us. People donate them for a reason. If they wanted them to be sold, they would do so themselves.

We used to try selling car parts. But nobody wants them. It takes such a long time to sell the stuff, we don't have enough storage to place everything for so long.

You'll also have to keep in mind that some cars and car parts aren't worth as much in the Netherlands as they would in other places in the world. Many cars that are rare in (for example) the U.S. or U.K. are very common here. And the other way arround.

What happened with ... car?

See our topic about the 'stock' and 'scrap' we had and you can find out about most of the cars appearing in our video's.

What do you do for a living?

Everything you see in the videos is just hobby. We all work during the week, see our 'crew' topic for details.

Why don't you speak english in your video's?

As you can see above, we are from the Netherlands. And although we can speak english it doesn't come natural to us. All comments we make during the video are spontaneous and not acted, so it's difficult to do all video's entirely in english. It would also come over unnatural, so we translate our video's.

The video I want to see doesn't have subtitles!

Try to activate subtitles in the right bottom corner of the youtube video. Older videos don't have a subtitle track. Those are translated in the video annotations. Youtube's subtitles didn't work like we wanted when we posted those videos. The realy old videos don't have a translation at all. There are only a few of them. We don't translate them because it's to much work for an old video. We rather spend our time on new videos.

What does 'Sas' stand for?

That's the name of the neighbourhood our workshop is located. At the beginning our team focussed on speedway and dirt track racing. The team's base was at our workshop, that's how the name was originated.

When will the next video be released?

We release our videos every friday on 17:00h CEST (GMT+1) That's Central European time.

We try to post a video every week. We can only shoot our videos on sunday. Some weeks we don't have anything interesting happening. So it's possible we don't have material to edit a video. We edit them on tuesdays, and try to upload and subtitle them as fast as we can. But we all have normal day jobs and busy lives. So it's possible that we didn't make it.

So be patient and It's posted when it's posted.