Creations | Flamethrower - Master Milo


Stored in a safe place

Dangerous device that we use to completly destroy objects.

How does it work?

This device has been build out of a gas bottle, a hydraulic hose and a ball valve.

The fuelmix is inserted into the bottle, after that the bottle becomes pressurised with compressed air. Then it's placed upside down so the air is on top of the fuel mix. When the ball valve is opened a heavy jet of flammable fuelmix escapes from the nozzle where it is lit by a piece of burning cloth.


Do not attempt to build a copy on your own. Playing with fire is extremely dangerous. Each time we used it, we took fire precautions and had an extinguisher stand by. You don't want to carry around a bottle of pressurized fuelmix with a flaming cloth attached to it. Just imagine what would happen if anything would start leaking, pouring fuelmix over you. If anything goes wrong this will result in serious injuries or even death!

The information as above is pure informative and can be found any other site like Wikipedia, this is in general how flamethrowers work. We do not encourage anyone to use this information to build one.


Stored in a safe place