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SAS Throne


The throne is a fun vehicle for everybody to enjoy. Everybody can ride this thing, it's very safe to drive an really fun!

Short history

Build: autumn 2010

Dismantled: winter 2012

When we were at a bathub race event, we were able to purchase a snapped microcar. At home this car was repaired with ductape. After a day of fun it snapped again and we decided to take it apart.

We used the entire driveline of this microcar to build something new; The Sas Throne.

It seemed a funny vehicle which is lots of fun driving around.

Finally the creation was taken apart at the end of 2012. The main bearings of the gearbox were worn and some other repairs were necessary. We prefer to spend our time in building new creations instead of maintaining old ones, therefore we decided to dismantle it.


Original vehicle

  • Ligier Microcar
  • Engine: 2 Cyl. Lombardini Diesel
  • Transmission: Variomatic transmission


Only the original subframe has been used to build a new vehicle


Needed to much maitenance. So it's demolished.