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Our most famous creation! A car that can rollover, frontwards! Made out of a Volkswagon golf and modified several times to it's final state. They see me rolling, they hatin!

Short history:

This car has been bought from a garage nearby for 25 euros. Click here to see the first video. It was an automatic transmission and therefore it was less spectacular to drive with.

On a good summer day we decided to cut the car in half and shorten it. During the first testdrive we noticed the car was really front heavy and could do a nice endo. This car was called 'the MiniGolf', but soon after we saw it should be able to flip the car when driving too fast.

At that moment the idea came up to add a rollcage and see if that was actually possible.

We tried and it worked.

After that we have been improving and repairing this car constantly to become what it is today. It's our most welknown vehicle. Escpecially the first testdrive video has become viral and been on many websites. The car has also been on TV several times on channels like: Discovery channel, Prosieben, Kabeleins, Nederland 3.

The funnies story is about Prosieben and their show called; Galileo Fake Check. They found our first testdrive video about our RollGolf and tried to build a copy of it. They didn't succeeded in rolling it, finally they travelled to our workshop to film the real one.


Original vehicle

-Volkswagen Golf Mk2, 1600 automatic, purchased for 25 euros.


-Body shortened

-External rollcage

-Liquified petrol gas fuel system (against stalling when upside down)

-Golf country raised suspension and chassis

-Golf country/synchro gearbox

-Double front springs


Don't you wear a helmet?

I don't fit in with a helmet, there's to less head space.

Can you do a double roll?

No, it's impossible. When it finished a roll it hits that hard on the ground with its front wheels and it looses all its speed.

Can you do a backwards roll?

No, center of gravity is at the front. But it can do a reverse wheelie.


In stock, but needs maintenance