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Daf(t) moped

Demolished - engine reused

We had a Daf engine and an old moped without an engine. Two problems with only one solution.

Short history

Luud scrapped a Daf 66 to use parts of its end reduction to build a windmill. The engine was put in the stock area. After sitting there for a while we tried to fire it up again and decided to build someting out of it.

We also had this moped which has been given to us as scrap because the engine was trashed.

We put the the two things together in this wacky ride. But the it didn't last very long.. After a few drives the end reduction of the moped broke down because of the high torque. 



  • Came from a small dutch roadcar: Daf 66
  • 2 cylinder
  • 750cc
  • Petrol
  • aircooled
  • 4 stroke
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Carburated


  • Honda PX 50
  • Original 50cc, 2 stroke moped


Moped has been scrapped, the engine is used in Daf bathtub.